​Dragonhaus German Shepherd Dogs

​German/European Line German Shepherd Dogs
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Who We are

Dragonhaus German Shepherd Dogs is a small family breeder, breeding for quality, not quantity. We breed for sound temperment & conformation, using dogs from German/European lines.

Our puppies are born inside our home & spend, at least, the first 4 weeks inside with our family. They continue to be well socialized & raised in a stimulating environment throughout their stay. Our German Shepherd puppies & dogs do not spend the majority of their day in a kennel but rather enjoy socializing, learning, & playing on a beautiful 10 acres in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

With Dragonhaus German Shepherd Dogs, you are assured of receiving an intelligent, loyal, social, & eager to please family member.

 Why Dragonhaus German Shepherds Dogs?

Dragonhaus German Shepherd Dogs is a small, family owned breeder. We specialize in black & red German/European line German Shepherds. While our beautiful German Shepherd puppies are bred for sport & personal protection, they are also loyal companions & the perfect family pet.

Because we only breed for a few litters per year, we are able to spend lots of time socializing &, at times,  starting to train our German Shepherd puppies. 

We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit out facility & our dogs. Don't be surprised to find our dogs & puppies out playing on the property, or perhaps practicing what was learned at class. You might even find one or more of the puppies in the house learning to socialize with one of our cats.

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​Dragonhaus German Shepherd Dogs

for buautiful, quality red & black European line German Shepherd Dogs.